Monday, January 20, 2014

Wicklow trip!

Hey guys Izzy here! Yesterday I went on a fun trip around Wicklow and so I wanted to share it with you all. Sabrina and I set off with the International Student Society on a booked tour bus. Let me tell you that was the tackiest bus I've ever seen! It was neon green with two leprechauns on it. Guess what it was called? The "Pattywagon"! Sabrina had to stop me from laughing out loud from the silliness of it.

Our first stop was a beautiful estate called Powerscourt. The gardens are really famous around Ireland and are amazing to see in person. I really loved the different statues and trees. There was so much to see on the grounds and many different sub-gardens. Sadly the estate suffered a big fire earlier so the inside was mostly renovated brick and didn't look anything like it had in its' prime. So here's the pics!

After the estate the bus driver took us to see this really big lake. It apparently is in a glacier valley. Though we only stopped for a bit it was a ton of fun and we even saw a rainbow!
Next we got to see a historic monastery(well the ruins of one). It dates back to the 900's! The tower is the tallest in Ireland and really unique though it had to be rebuilt in the 1800's. It was surreal to be in such a historic place. Sabrina really enjoyed it and so did I!
After the monastery we had a quick stop at an Irish wool mill. They make clothes with traditional and automatic mills. The products were really beautiful but way too expensive. You can make so much with wool! Aren't my sheep brothers and sisters amazing??

Last we visited the third most haunted place in Ireland, the Wicklow Gaol (jail). It has been around since 1702 and has a really sad history. We walked through and learned all about the sad history. I can see why it is so haunted. It was terrifying and Sabrina and I both were nervous. Hopefully the ghosts stay there!

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  1. Sabrina
    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself getting out and seeing all the sites. How are your classes going? Making any new friends? Keep sending the blogs I love hearing about your travels with Izzy. I am sure your mom told you that I started a new job on Monday. I am still learning the ropes and will be for a couple of weeks yet. Kendra also got her driver's license on Tuesday 1/21/14.

    Take Care

    Love you

    Aunt Shelly