Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Izzy's first few days in Dublin

Hey guys Izzy here! So good to be able to right to you again. Silly Sabrina didn't bring the right charger for the laptop and I had to wait FOREVER till we got a new one. Any who, back to myself. The plane ride over here was great! After saying my goodbye's to the family we took off on a little plane and came over to Dublin. At first I was scared then I saw the most beautiful view of Indianapolis and the clouds and somehow I wasn't afraid. The flight to Dublin was really long! We were so hungry until they remembered to feed us on the plane at 8 at night. WAY too late for me!

When we landed we got to wander around the airport to find the baggage claim. There were so many bags running all over on a GIANT carousel! I was so nervous Sabrina wouldn't catch hers when it came by and she dropped it back on the ramp. BUT a nice gentleman got the bag for us and we were so relieved.

Our taxi driver on the way over was really nice and told us some good places to go. Unfortunately the poor cab broke down on the way in and we had to wait for another. It wasn't scary but was really funny because the driver was borrowing the cab from a friend while his other one was being repaired. So very ironic!

The dorm here is pretty nice. Things are dated especially the heaters and carpets but the kitchen is HUGE. And instead of just one lousy microwave it has a stove and oven with two good size fridges. Sabrina loves the stove and has been using it a lot. Our roommates are nice and seem to be really polite to Sabrina and me though they are quite different from us. Blake is from Vancouver Canada and is studying Philosophy. Madeline is a masters student from Munich Germany studying civil engineering. They told me a lot about their lives back home and I learned a lot about their home countries.

Sabrina already told you about the Tesco adventure so not much to say there. I'll talk to you later.

Izzy out


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  1. Dearest granddaughter, Sabrina,
    Glad your trip went so well. Grandpa said that you'll really be in shape when you get home from all that walking! So glad you finally got your correct charger and we can hear from you. Keep us posted. God bless you and keep you ever safe in His arms! Love from Grandma