Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey guys Izzy here! Sorry for not posting earlier, I've been really lazy with all this rain. This Saturday Sabrina took me around Dublin with two other girls. We decided to go to the Kilmainham jail first so after a fun bus trip we arrived. The jail is one of the most important historical buildings in Ireland because of all the political history that went on there. It was the place where the 14 leaders of the 1916 rebellion were executed. Their executions turned public tide in support of the revolution and changed Irish history forever. At least that what I got from the guide's speech! Here's some pictures!

After the jail we went off to the Guinness factory. Boy was it a happening place!  SO MANY TOURISTS! But that was okay because we decided that just for that day we were going to be tourists too. I had to pull Sabrina away from looking at the horse drawn carriages outside of the factory on the cobble street. She was way too excited!

The factory was neat and I loved to see how they made everything. My favorite part was the huge wall of water that came from the mountains. Apparently they are really protective of the water and it makes the Guinness better as a result. After a really long exploration of the process we went to the top viewing tower to try some. Sabrina really hated it! She said it tasted worse than medicine and I have to agree. Well, maybe I'd like it more if I grew up with the stuff. Either way it was a really fun adventure and I can't wait for the next one. Talk to you later!


  1. Grandma here. Thanks for the pictures and update! The second picture looks like a chapel for the prisoners, good. I have to agree with you about the taste of beer...I tried it once and once was enough. Izzy looks cute by his glass of beer. I'm glad you are having fun on your days off, hope you are enjoying your classes as well. God Bless and love always, Grandma

  2. Hey! i am glad that you and Izzy are having so much fun. I am so jealous of you guys. it looks really pretty over there. I am happy to hear you are having so much fun. I hope the trip keeps going as well.

  3. I LOVE hearing from you and Sabrina. It really brightens up my day to hear of your adventures. I think the jail looks classy with all its arches- ha ha. I hate the taste of beer also but it is always fun to learn how things are made.Take care and Love you. Mom