Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First few days in Ireland!

Hey guys Sabrina here. Sorry for not updating in a while. I had a fun and safe trip to Dublin Saturday. The flight went very smoothly and my ears didn't hurt much at all. I was so grateful to be traveling with my fellow Purdue exchange student Emily and she really helped me have a good flight. I'm settled into my dorm here at UCD and am making some new friends and becoming better acquainted with the city and campus.

Things are rather expensive here in Dublin but I was able to get supplies at the local gas station for the first night. It takes a long time to walk to stores around here and the buses are exceptionally expensive. Thankfully on Monday a club had a charity thrift sale where we could buy kitchen supplies for cheap. However, we still needed groceries. So Monday I went with Emily, her roommate, her roommate's friend, and my roommate Blake to get groceries at Tesco. The guy at the thrift sale said it would take about ten minutes to walk there from campus. All lies! Even running downhill in a storm chased by bears it couldn't be reached in 10 minutes. It took at least 30 minutes to get there and we were power walking the whole way. It took us twice as long coming back with heavy bags full of groceries.

Alas, as we were settling in I realized that my adapter I brought from the states would not work for my laptop here. So at Tesco I bought one. To my dismay it didn't fit. Thus the delay in posts. I managed to acquire one today so I can post again (more on that next post)!

Goodby for now,


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  1. Sounds like you are having fun. God be with you and keep you save. Love