Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey guys Izzy here! I just wanted to write to you about my most recent adventures in Howth Ireland. Yesterday Sabrina, Emily, Alessa, Kathrin, and I decided to go see Howth just outside of Dublin. It's a beautiful coastal area with plenty of trails to hike and lots of neat buildings.

We took two double decker buses to get there. It was so fun getting to ride on the top deck of the bus and we got to see so much. The best part of the trip there though was walking through  Dublin's city center and all the shops. There are lots of cute local shops in Dublin and they are so interesting to look at. I made Sabrina promise to take me back later as I want some souvenirs!

I was so happy when we arrived at Howth. It smelled a lot like fish and so we first took a tour of the dock and the dockside shops. There were a lot of fishermen getting ready to head back out and we were able to see the boats lined up on the pier.

My favorite part about Howth was the hiking. It was such a treat to get to go up and down the trails seeing the ocean right beside us. Sabrina said it reminded her a little of the Smokey mountain trails because it was so rocky. I don't know what the Smokey's are like but I really loved the Howth trails. The only downside was that when we were starting to get tired and and it started POURING rain! We were soaked and cold. I had to hide in the bag but Sabrina got really wet. She looked my big brother Vash (the cat) after a bath!

So even though we all were soaked we had such a fun time in Howth. I can't wait until I get to see more of the countryside. In the meantime I'll be exploring campus and the city center.

See you next time!


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