Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A snowy day

Hey guys, Izzy here. Today was a great day! The temperature finally became a bearable 20 degrees or so in Lafayette today. So Sabrina and I went on a walk with my big brother Indy. I've been so nervous about going on a plane for the first time and getting everything ready that I needed a break. We had a super fun walk and Sabrina ran through all the snow drifts. I do believe Sabrina was a little crazy doing that but she did have snow pants on. We went on the snow covered slide at the playground and Sabrina slid so fast she flew off and landed rump first in the snow. Big brother Indy was so happy to go on a walk and show the neighborhood to me. We got lots of strange looks from the neighbors but it was a great day. If you haven't played outside in the snow yet you're missing out. I'm still a little nervous about the flight but at least I have some fun memories to take with me now. Hope your day was as fun as mine was.


  1. Hey Sabrina, That's a lovely picture of Indy, and, of course, Izzy. Pray you have a safe trip to Ireland and see lots of historical places over there and in England & Europe, if you get there as well. The Lord be with you and keep you ever safe in His arms! Love always, Grandma

  2. Sabrina

    This is an awesome picture of Indy. Shows how majestic he is.

    Love Aunt Shelly